SWF-AVI-GIF Converter


Create GIFs from AVI or Flash sequences


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SWF-AVI-GIF Converter is an excellent application for generating GIF animations from Flash and AVI files.

You can take your favourite part of any film or animation and have it converted into a GIF animation; this also works for Flash and AVI.

You can configure the following parameters for the resulting GIFs:
- Framerate in milliseconds.
- The colour depth: same as source, grayscale, black and white, 16 or 256 colours.
- Size in pixels.
- Colour transparency.
- Loop or Repeat, that is, if you want it to play once or continuously.

You should always keep in mind that large GIF files can greatly slow down the load speed of a webpage. Therefore, it is recommendable to keep the size and image brightness to a minimum.
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